Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Morpheus becomes famous at PETE&C!

Hey everyone, wow I have been so busy, I haven't had a chance to write. I am on on my way to South Side Elementary and while I am on my trip I thought I would recap my adventures the last week or so.

I stopped home and visited my classmates at Houston Elementary, I got to hang out and get cleaned up. It was nice to be home, but I really do like the open road and visiting all of you!

I had the privilege of going to PETE&C which is the Pennsylvania Education Technology Expo and Conference. There I was featured at the Keystones poster session, I got to meet a lot of nice people and teachers. Some of which are going to invite me to spend so time at their schools and in their classrooms!

After PETE&C I helped some students create a commercial advertising me and the upcoming followmeproject launch. Look for a contest coming soon, maybe you can make a commercial about the Followmeproject and get the word out. Check out our first commercial below!

Well until next time, Morpheus signing out!

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