Monday, December 22, 2008

East Elementary Goodbye Slide Show

Morpheus and the Habitat

The Morpheus Song

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About Morpheus

Morpheus and Sports Ed

By: Aaron
Do you want to know about a new cool thing? Four students named Aaron, Josh, Jeffery, and Sawyer do a thing called Sports ed. It is a weekly podcast. I think it is super cool podcast. Check out this episode!

Today Mrs. Abernethy's Global Gorillas showed me their website at
On the home page they have a moving picture of a gorilla beating it's chest. the home page has links to every page on the website. The site has a lot of stuff on it

Spelling Class

By: Spencer

First, at the beginning of the week we have to do our spelling five times each which is due on Tuesday. Then we have to do our spelling book work which is due on Thursday. After those are done we go on to our spelling puzzle. Some of us are on 6th grade spelling and some of us are 5th grade spellers. On Friday we do our spelling tests.

Math Class

By Abigail

First thing in the morning, the fifth graders switch for math. They have either Mr. Lasko, Mrs. Giardina, Mrs. Ohr or Mrs. Abernethy. Today I went to Mrs. Giardina's math class. They had a math test, and when the kids were done they could read quietly. Some of them got on a computer. There is a website called You can work on your facts and play games at the same time. It's really fun.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lizard the Tornado

Hey! Guess what? I got to meet Mrs. A's lizard, Tornado. At first I was scared. Then i got to meet him.{HE WAS SO COOOOOOL!} All he did was stick to my shirt. They have other animals, too, but [you'll hear about that later.] Some of Mrs. A's students take care of him. Tornado is very calm and so interesting. He has no teeth and he's also very friendly. He has two other friends named Lightning and Thunder. I'll write about them later. Mrs. A's classroom is sooo interesting with all the animals and cool stuff like that. Well, I'll talk to you later. Bye Bye!

Abe's Ode to Morpheus

Morpheus's Flute Lesson

By: Nicolette
Hi,I'm Morpheus. I'm visiting Mrs. Abernethy's fifth grade classroom. I learned something exciting today. Three girls (Nicolette, Stacie, and Shayla) all play the flute. Mrs. Abernethy let them play a song for me and then they told me how to play the song. The song, (you should recognize it) is called "Twinke, Twinkle, Little star." Mrs. Abernethy recorded the song while I was playing it. The song is also known as a Mozart Melody. The flute is the hardest instrument to play in band, Nicolette tells me. I think that they are all doing a fabulous job with the flute. The notes in the song are B,F,G,E,D and C. Listen to me playing the flute with the girls. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks!!!!!

What I Did Today

By: Jessica
Hi, im Morpheus Fortuna. Today I met Mrs. Abernethy's class bunny. His name is Bugs. I helped take care of him. Bugs is so cute. He has a little mohawk kinda. I also met the other animals: Lightning the Lizard, Tornado the Lizard, Thunder the Lizard, Hershey the Guinea Pig, and Lily the Ferret. They are so cute. It was fun. I watched Mrs. Abernethy's math class take a math test. Kaylee and Matt were done first. I sat with Logan while she was taking her test. Well I'll talk to you guys more later and tell you about the rest of the day. Bye!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Morpheaus On Mondays

By: Cassia
Hey I'm going to tell you how cool Mondays are in Mrs. A's room. First everyone switches and goes to math. Math is one of my favorite subjects. What everybody did after that was catch up on their 13 colonies project. They are looking great! After that we had lunch. (yummy) Then we got to go to music. I love to sing. Mrs. A even recorded us. Lastly we got on laptops and went on Study Island. At the end of the day we got to make vokis for our food chain projects.

Listen to our song!

Friday, December 12, 2008

A Bit About Morpheus

Some sixth graders I met last year came to visit this morning before school. They made this video!

(Same video, but experiment to see which is easier to view.)

Morpheus at East Elementary - Day 2

Do you want to hear what I did today, because it's fun and exciting? I am at East Elementary with Mrs. Abernethy's Global Gorillas. They are a busy, working, exciting class during Creativity Friday time. Ryuji, Sawyer, and Joseph made a Garage Band song that they are going to use for the class theme song. Josh, Jeffrey and Aaron were working on their script for a first ever episode of Sports Ed. Kayla S., Kylee and Kaylee were editing the class' Food Chain podcasts using Audacity. Cassia, Skyleigh, Heather and Kortni were writing their script for a Morpheus podcast (You'll hear that later.) Spencer was making a Power Point for literature circle. Nathan was working on his rough draft of a children's book. Abby was working on a Christmas poster. Kayla G. started a Morpheus Power Point (18 slides already!) Nathan and Jesse were working on a Voki for their Food Chain. Stacie, Shayla, Jessica and Taylor were writing a script for a Morpheus movie. Abram was using Windows Movie Maker to make a Morpheus movie. Last, but not least, Megan was working on a scrap book project for their study of the 13 Colonies.

Later in the day I watched their Roanoke plays. They performed four different skits. Wow! They are creative! Here's one of them.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

East Elementary Day 1 Part 1

By: Abram

Hello, I just arrived today at East Elementary School. I was greatly welcomed by the class who I am staying with. They are Mrs. Abernethy's Global Gorillas. I took one look at the classroom and knew I was going to have a great time!!

We went to Santa's Workshop today. I bought a pair of Steeler Socks. (GO STEELERS!) I am going to bring those with me! I tried on a hat and made a new friend.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bye, Bye for Now East Vincent Friends

Today I am leaving East Vincent Elementary School. I’m going to miss all the East Vincent children. I am very sad to leave my friends. It is so great. I love it here. I want to stay. I tried hiding in the office among all of the other animals there, so I wouldn't have to leave. But the secretary found me! I guess I am not as good at hiding as I thought I was. Maybe one day next year I can come back here and I will be able to see my friends again.

Today I need to go to a new school. So today, I am packing up my things. I am But I will still miss them. It is boring in a box, but I still have some stuff to play with on my trip to my next school.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Making Friends in Second Grade

This week I also visited second grade classes. I had soooo much fun. I was talking to all of the children about the things they like to do at home. I really wish I could go home with all of my new friends and play with them. Read about all of the fun things we could do!

If I could take Morpheus home with me...

First we would go home and when we got home we would do my homework. Next we would play with some toys. Then we would go on my laptop. Last we would go outside if it is raining.

I would take him home on the bus. Next we would go to the airport. At the airport I would go on and airplane.. Then we would go home. At home we would go to the pool and swim. Last we would go home, put on our pajamas and have a pillow fight and dance to music on my dance mat. We would read a book until we fell asleep. In the morning
I would return him.

I would first eat a snack and then play a game. Then we would wash our hands and sit down for dinner. We would have pasta and when we are done, we would go see my stuffed Webkinz, a dog.

First I would take him to wrestling practice. Then read a book. Then play my games. Then take him for a bike ride around the
neighborhood. Then take him to the bookstore and get a book. Then sleep with him and read my new book. Then pay man hunt with all of my friends.

First, I would read him a book. I would invite him to meet my
parents. Then we would eat dinner. Then I would show him my room and show him where he would sleep. He would sleep and then in the middle of the night, we would go to the Great Wall of China and then go to New York.

I would show him the Philadelphia Zoo and the first thing I would show him would be the turtle. Why? Because he is a turtle. After that we would go up in the balloon ride all by ourselves and see lots of things and when we came down I would ask him if he liked the ride.

I would take Morpheus for a ride on my bike and put him in my bike rack. I would ride around my development and show him my friend's house.

I would take Morpheus to the Philadelphia Zoo because Morpheus could see the animals and he could walk around the zoo with me.

I would take Morpheus Fortuna to a big park. I wil show him the swings, slide and the sandbox. I will push him on the swings. I will push him down the slide. We will have so much fun together. I wil take him to lots of paces so at the parek if there is a little shop, I will buy him something healthy. After that I will give him a tiny treat. After we have a little snack, we are going to hang out in the sun and he will put on his sunglasses and look at the clouds and see if we can try to decide what they look like. Maybe a bunny and a TURTLE! Yea!

I would like to bring Morpheus Fortuna to Dutch Wonderland.

I would ike to take Morpheus Fortuna to the Owen J. Roberts High School football game to show him my favorite team and the quarterback's number is 10.

Wow! I Found Me!

Today I went to the computer lab. It was so much fun. I got to get my own password and I also got to play lots of games. I got tired and so I rested a little while. After a few minutes I felt better and then something wonderful happened…The computer went to my own page!

The only things I pressed were favorites and M.F.P! I was so excited. I clicked on a square that said Morpheus’s’ book and I saw all the things I did at other schools. I got to print out a blank piece of paper. Then I drew a picture of the East Vincent Elementary School. I colored the school reddish brownish. I colored the door silver. Then I colored the things on the roof silver too. I colored the roof gray. Then I got tired so I slept a little while. I had the most wonderful dream ever!

Learning in First Grade

This week went to all different classes. I had fun. I visited Mrs. Sack’s first grade classroom. I sat in the Author's Chair and read a book about frogs to the class.
I also visited Miss Boyk’s first grade classroom. She took a picture of me on the rocking chair. I learned how to do word sorts and in math I learned about adding with the number zero.

Her class shared one of their favorite Magic Treehouse books with me!

I had a great time in music class. I even played the drum while the class sang.

My Next School: East Vincent Elementary

I am Morpheus Fortuna. I like going all around the USA to see the schools. It is fun to see them and I like it. This week I’m going to East Vincent.
I want to go to the courtyard, the playground and to lots of different classes to meet new friends!
I arrived in my box. I was so happy and excited to climb out of my box. The kids in Mrs. Nitsche’s class looked at all of my stuff. They said it was cool! They told me that I was going to visit the first and second grade classrooms during my visit.

They wrote about all of the things that I am going to do while I am here. After reading their letters last night, I could tell that am going to be very busy this week. There will not be much time for me to rest. I can hardly wait to visit and meet new friends.