Monday, December 8, 2008

Making Friends in Second Grade

This week I also visited second grade classes. I had soooo much fun. I was talking to all of the children about the things they like to do at home. I really wish I could go home with all of my new friends and play with them. Read about all of the fun things we could do!

If I could take Morpheus home with me...

First we would go home and when we got home we would do my homework. Next we would play with some toys. Then we would go on my laptop. Last we would go outside if it is raining.

I would take him home on the bus. Next we would go to the airport. At the airport I would go on and airplane.. Then we would go home. At home we would go to the pool and swim. Last we would go home, put on our pajamas and have a pillow fight and dance to music on my dance mat. We would read a book until we fell asleep. In the morning
I would return him.

I would first eat a snack and then play a game. Then we would wash our hands and sit down for dinner. We would have pasta and when we are done, we would go see my stuffed Webkinz, a dog.

First I would take him to wrestling practice. Then read a book. Then play my games. Then take him for a bike ride around the
neighborhood. Then take him to the bookstore and get a book. Then sleep with him and read my new book. Then pay man hunt with all of my friends.

First, I would read him a book. I would invite him to meet my
parents. Then we would eat dinner. Then I would show him my room and show him where he would sleep. He would sleep and then in the middle of the night, we would go to the Great Wall of China and then go to New York.

I would show him the Philadelphia Zoo and the first thing I would show him would be the turtle. Why? Because he is a turtle. After that we would go up in the balloon ride all by ourselves and see lots of things and when we came down I would ask him if he liked the ride.

I would take Morpheus for a ride on my bike and put him in my bike rack. I would ride around my development and show him my friend's house.

I would take Morpheus to the Philadelphia Zoo because Morpheus could see the animals and he could walk around the zoo with me.

I would take Morpheus Fortuna to a big park. I wil show him the swings, slide and the sandbox. I will push him on the swings. I will push him down the slide. We will have so much fun together. I wil take him to lots of paces so at the parek if there is a little shop, I will buy him something healthy. After that I will give him a tiny treat. After we have a little snack, we are going to hang out in the sun and he will put on his sunglasses and look at the clouds and see if we can try to decide what they look like. Maybe a bunny and a TURTLE! Yea!

I would like to bring Morpheus Fortuna to Dutch Wonderland.

I would ike to take Morpheus Fortuna to the Owen J. Roberts High School football game to show him my favorite team and the quarterback's number is 10.

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