Friday, December 12, 2008

Morpheus at East Elementary - Day 2

Do you want to hear what I did today, because it's fun and exciting? I am at East Elementary with Mrs. Abernethy's Global Gorillas. They are a busy, working, exciting class during Creativity Friday time. Ryuji, Sawyer, and Joseph made a Garage Band song that they are going to use for the class theme song. Josh, Jeffrey and Aaron were working on their script for a first ever episode of Sports Ed. Kayla S., Kylee and Kaylee were editing the class' Food Chain podcasts using Audacity. Cassia, Skyleigh, Heather and Kortni were writing their script for a Morpheus podcast (You'll hear that later.) Spencer was making a Power Point for literature circle. Nathan was working on his rough draft of a children's book. Abby was working on a Christmas poster. Kayla G. started a Morpheus Power Point (18 slides already!) Nathan and Jesse were working on a Voki for their Food Chain. Stacie, Shayla, Jessica and Taylor were writing a script for a Morpheus movie. Abram was using Windows Movie Maker to make a Morpheus movie. Last, but not least, Megan was working on a scrap book project for their study of the 13 Colonies.

Later in the day I watched their Roanoke plays. They performed four different skits. Wow! They are creative! Here's one of them.

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