Thursday, December 18, 2008

Morpheus's Flute Lesson

By: Nicolette
Hi,I'm Morpheus. I'm visiting Mrs. Abernethy's fifth grade classroom. I learned something exciting today. Three girls (Nicolette, Stacie, and Shayla) all play the flute. Mrs. Abernethy let them play a song for me and then they told me how to play the song. The song, (you should recognize it) is called "Twinke, Twinkle, Little star." Mrs. Abernethy recorded the song while I was playing it. The song is also known as a Mozart Melody. The flute is the hardest instrument to play in band, Nicolette tells me. I think that they are all doing a fabulous job with the flute. The notes in the song are B,F,G,E,D and C. Listen to me playing the flute with the girls. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks!!!!!

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