Friday, December 14, 2007

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Morpheus' Adventures Continue...

Morpheus is really fitting in at Clarion Elementary! He is meeting so many new people each day. On Tuesday, Morpheus went to Music class to meet Mrs. Silvis. He got to sing a holiday song with the students, and ring the bells with the music!
You can hear the class playing their bells during the slideshow!
Morpheus also visited the Library on Wednesday. He met Mrs. Barch and picked a book to borrow. He enjoyed having the story read to him. Morpheus really liked seeing YODA at the Library...he liked the light saber!
On the way back to the classroom, he peeked into the Gym. Morpheus enjoyed Gym class so much on Monday, that he wanted to go back. If Morpheus goes back, he may have to run his mile for Mrs. Craig!
As we continued back to the classroom, Morpheus discovered the Guidance room. He wanted to sit on the comfy beanbags. We told Morpheus that he "Always has someone to talk to at Clarion Area Elementary".
Morpheus got to hang out with Jim, our Tech guy for awhile too. He learned how to fix problems with the server. Finally, Morpheus listened to the story Snowman At Night at a listening center. He helped the students write about what their snowman would do at night. What an exciting two days Morpheus had!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

~Morpheus Writing~

The students loved writing about Morpheus!
Listen and enjoy their stories!

~Morpheus Has a Busy Day~

On Monday, Morpheus got to meet our 2 secretaries, Linda and Lisa. He also learned the routines of our classroom. He helped with "lunch bunch" and calendar, and even went on our "morning walk for fitness" with us. Morpheus was a great listener in our classroom. He had his own card for our classroom behavior plan, and he kept his card on GREEN all day!
Morpheus learned about Fact Families in Math. He helped the students create their own Fact Families and then he checked them to make sure they were correct! The students showed Morpheus how Addition facts can be used to subtract. They also told Morpheus their Doubles facts to 20.
In Reading today, Morpheus read the Decodable Readers with the students. He learned that long /o/ 'says his name'. Morpheus learned many new long /o/ words. He also learned contractions! Morpheus learned that I am = I'm, do not = don't and I will = I'll.

Morpheus really liked Mrs. B's new STEELERS laptop! He heard all about the STEELERS when he was in room B-7. Morpheus thinks his favorite players are "Big Ben" and Hines Ward.

Morpheus enjoyed our Special class today, which was gym...and he especially liked recess! It was a little chilly for him, but he had a blast sliding down the slide and hanging out with the girls! Morpheus also enjoyed the 'good-bye squeezes' he got at the end of the day.
Check out his day by scrolling to the right on his slideshow!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Welcome to Clarion Area Elementary!

Morpheus arrived at Clarion Area Elementary at the end of the day on Friday, December 7th. The students were so excited to see him! He arrived just in time to see that Sinterklaas had visited! Morpheus thought the wooden shoes the students made were really cool. He wanted a bite of the cookie that Sinterklaas left for the students too!

Morpheus really got excited when he saw all of the snow outside! He wanted to play in it, but Mrs. B had to remind him that he needed to be dressed in his 'winter gear' first! She didn't want Morpheus to get she only let him sit for a minute to get a quick picture.

Morpheus can not wait until Monday so he can enjoy a full day in room B-7!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Farewell Jacksonwald

I had a great time visiting Jacksonwald Elementary. I made so many friends and learned so much! I never knew that sound could travel through solids. I learned how to measure elapsed time and use a schedule. I also learned a lot about writing for an audience and how to make a movie. The field trips were great: Daniel Boone's homestead, the Pagoda, Tom Sturgis pretzels, a farm, and the Reading Railroad! It's been a blast at Jacksonwald, and I'll miss all of my new friends. However, it's time to move on to new adventures. Farewell, Jacksonwald! Hello, Clarion!

Morpheus Visits the Railroad

Morpheus went on the ride of his life! Morpheus visited the WK&S railroad in Kempton, PA with Sarah. They rode from Kempton to Wanamaker's Station. A special surprise visitor met Morpheus on the train ride... Santa Claus! Morpheus had a great time visiting the railroad.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Morpheus Gets Fit

Ashley wrote, "Today Morpheus went to gym with us. He learned how to bowl. Then Morpheus learned the bones: the skull, clavicle, ribs, sternum, pelvis and femur. What a fun day he had with us! We will miss Morpheus a lot when he leaves. Goodbye, Morpheus!"

Morpheus Goes For A Big Snack

Hi I’m Morpheus! I went to Tom Sturgis’s pretzels. I went with Rachel, Sammi, and Mrs. Protheroe. When we got there we saw a huge pretzel. I sat on it with Rachel and Sammi. Then we went inside. On the door we saw a NO PETS ALLOWED sign!!! But we went in. Mrs. Protheroe told the workers about that I go to many schools in Pennsylvania. So then the workers let all of us go in where they make the pretzels. After that we had to go back out. Next we bought some pretzels for the ride home. Soon we left. I had an awesome time at Tom Sturgis Pretzels!!! (Morpheus wrote this post with some help from Samantha)

Morpheus Is A Movie Star

Mr. Dibler's students gave Morpheus a guided tour of their classroom. Watch the tour below.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Lots to Learn in Exeter

Today Morpheus starred in a guided video tour of our classroom. He even had a chance to visit our playground and listen to an interview with our principal, Mrs. Cook. We will post the video as soon as it is finished.

Morpheus visited Ms. Delbo's music class. Jake shared, “Today we took Morpheus to music class. Our music teacher took pictures. Morpheus was holding rhythm sticks. Morpheus was playing a 4/4 time signature. That’s how Morpheus went to music class.”

In today’s science review, Cathy noted, “Morpheus learned about sounds and how they travel through solids. Megaphones can make your voice louder. He learned a lot about how sound waves can travel through walls and liquids. He learned how sounds can travel through water with a stethoscope that you can listen to underwater. That’s what sounds are all about.”

Exploring the Jacksonwald Neighborhood

Morpheus has been making turtle tracks all around the Jacksonwald neighborhood after school. Spencer and Conner wrote, “Yesterday, we went to the Daniel Boone Homestead to take some pictures. It was really fun there. We got to dress up like Daniel Boone. Morpheus got to see a deer, too. Morpheus had a fun time at Daniel Boone Homestead!”

Justin wrote, “It was my turn to get Morpheus the bog turtle. We were going to a barn that had a hex sign on it. J.R. and I were in the car driving with Morpheus. When we got there we stood next to the barn with the hex sign and cows. When we left the cows looked kind of sad. I had a great time with Morpheus.”

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Adventures from Berks County

Morpheus had a very busy Wednesday at Jacksonwald! Morpheus rose early for his first journey. Christina writes, “I went to the Pagoda with Morpheus this morning. I went to the Pagoda this morning because it got too late and dark. It was freezing outside. I don’t think that Morpheus likes the cold. I also feel bad for him because he was wearing a polo shirt and shorts, so he must have been freezing. My mom and my twin sister Melissa went with Morpheus and I. My mom took the picture while Melissa, Morpheus and I stood and got our picture taken. Then my mom drove Melissa, Morpheus and I to school. It was fun and I will also miss him. It was an exciting time.”

Later, Morpheus accompanied his classmates to Mrs. Bainbridge’s art class. Sara explains, “In art, Morpheus learned how to make an Egyptian portrait. Another thing he learned is how to outline and how to paint inward to just stay with the same color and not blend the colors together to make a different colors. That’s what Morpheus learned in art!”

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Morpheus Arrives at Jacksonwald Elementary

Today Jacksonwald Elementary welcomed Morpheus Fortuna to Mr. Dibler’s third grade classroom. He arrived during our language arts time. We were surprised that he could fit into such a small box! It was so interesting to look at the souvenirs Morpheus has collected from schools he has visited. We will be thinking about what we can give him when he leaves us in a few days.

Morpheus had a busy day learning new things in our room. Ashley wrote, “Today Morpheus learned telling time with am and pm. In science he learned that sounds travel through solids: string and wood.” What an exciting first day with Morpheus! We’re looking forward to spending more time with him tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Farewell Thoughts

I can’t believe that it is my last day at Penns Valley Intermediate School. It’s been a week, but it feels like I’ve only been here two days. My class has taken me everywhere. I’ve met lots of new students and learned many new things. I feel famous because this class has taken lots of pictures of me. I’ve helped them learn how to blog and how to compress a file to post on the wiki. The sixth graders would like me to come back, but my schedule is booked solid. I’ve told them to follow my travels on the wiki and blog.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Welcome to Penns Valley Intermediate

I was very relieved to arrive at Penns Valley. My travels in the dark backpack were cold due to winter arriving. I can’t believe that it is snowing already. My new class was in the computer lab when they unpacked me. I felt like I was at home in the computer lab. I was honored to see a play performed by some of my new classmates. This new class has been very busy. A couple of kids took me to their trombone lessons. I now know how to do a B flat scale! I also joined them in a Tutor Time club and a farewell party for a resident Galaxy artist. One of the students took me home on Thursday night. We played video games for a long time. Everyday I visited with new classmates. They all wanted to be with me! On Monday, I went home with another student and we watched very exciting live TV and she gave me a medal that says WINNER!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Last Day in Warren

By the time you are reading this I will be traveling to Penns Valley Intermediate. I had a great time in Warren, PA. The ghost stories from the historical society was my favorite part. Mrs. Farrell's class spent a lot of time with me doing great things. I even got to visit Mrs. McBriar's room and her class read to me. Mrs. Olson's class did too. There are about 700 in this school and I didn't even get a chance to meet them all. I will miss being here and I did enjoy the snow for the last couple of days. Yes! Snow! It's a good thing I am moving is getting a little cold in Warren for me! In my box and on the way Penns Valley! Goodbye Warren!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Warren Update

I have been in school three days this week and it continues to be a busy place. I have visited several of the other classes, spent time in art, music and Phys. ed. I can't wait to share the pictures with you once my time is finished here. I have participated in a review of some great timelines of the students lives in health and am helping Mrs. Farrell set up a fish tank for a trout in the classroom grant that the 5th grade teachers have received. She is always on the go!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Arrival in Warren

I have safely arrived in Warren, PA at Warren Area Elementary Center on November 1st, the day after Halloween. So far I have been terrified by the people from the Erie Pennsylvania Historical Society who welcomed me by telling ghost stories while I was here. I took a trip to Erie Thursday evening with Mrs. Farrell and saw Penn State Beherend and ate dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Farrell at the Outback Steakhouse. That steak sure looked yummy, even thought it's not my part of the food chain. Friday I enjoyed a respect presentation that the fifth graders attended thanks to the Ophelia project. I also attended saxophone lessons with Mr. Lyle, the band director at both the high school and elementary schools. To end my day Friday I enjoyed an egg drop where the teachers all had made something to protect there egg from a high drop. Mrs. Farrell's broke as did many others but the school raised money for the local humane society through this event. I went home with Mrs. Farrell for the weekend and played with her children and her daughter's class mascot Cutie Bear. It has been a whirl wind of action.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Goodbye South!

As you read this, I am probably safely sleeping inside my travel case on my way to Warren Area Elementary Center. What a fun week I had at South! The students taught me so much: from division, to microscopes, to great new vocabulary words! I even learned how to write a persuasive essay. So the next time I need to persuade my owner for some new shoes, I'm ready! Thanks kids! South, I sure will miss you, but I've had so much fun everywhere I've been so far and I'm sure Warren Area Elementary students will just add to all that fun! See you soon, Warren!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Moments with Morpheus

Friday was one of my last days at South, and it was a great one. During morning work, we worked on our last daily edit of the group. During math, we had a fun time practicing with map scales, and then we had a chance to finish our game from the day before. After math, we reviewed our daily edit together and talked more about persuasive letters. Science was really fun again! We looked at blepharisma under our microscopes today. They're little, pink, pear-shaped creatures that glide across your field of view! How cool! We finished our day by reading another good chapter in our book, The Watsons Go To Birmingham. On Monday afternoon I will have to say goodbye to my South friends, and I will be on my way to Warren Area Elementary Center in Warren, PA to meet new friends.

I almost forgot....check out my latest podcast on Fifth Grade Fever! I had a great time talking with Jean! Keep following me on my wiki too:)!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Soaring at South!

Today I had another great day at South. In the morning, we did a daily edit about science. Then we had math. We got to play a game about multiplication. I won! Then we had our spelling test. It wasn't that hard, but it was long. Today we had indoor recess again because it is still raining. I can't wait until it's nice out again! I played Trouble with the boys. It was fun! During read aloud, we read another chapter of The Watsons. In the story, Kenny talked about his toy dinosaurs and the problems he has at school. In science we got to look at our first living microorganisms through the lens of the microscope. Now that was cool!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Surprise! It's Morpheus!

Today during morning work we did another tricky daily edit. In math, we learned what to do with remainders in division number stories. I never knew there was so much to think about when it came to word problems! It was raining today, so we played checkers during indoor recess. In reading class, we read another funny chapter of The Watsons Go To Birmingham. During independent reading, I got to read a book about turtles! How perfect for me! In science, the kids and I learned how to use a compound microscope and we took a careful look deep into an onion. When I looked really carefully, I could see the onion's cells! Wow!

Your favorite bog turtle,
Morpheus Fortuna

P.S. Pop over to the Fifth Grade Fever podcast and listen to me try some of this week's spelling words!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Minutes with Morpheus

Today I had another great day. For morning work, we did a tricky daily edit. I had a lot of fun in math learning how to do division with decimals! Then we went over daily edit. Whew! I'm glad we talked about that one! We also played a wordly wise game where we drew clues on the board that would help others guess the word. Some people even chose to act out the words! In reading, we read a very funny chapter in the book called The Watsons go to Birmingham. Byron got his lips frozen to the car mirror when he tried to kiss himself! The class and I got a good laugh out of that one! Also, in science, we were exploring the mircroscope with the fun little things that we brought from home. During pack-up I said goodbye to everyone as they left!

Morpheus Fortuna

Turtle Talk

Hi I'm Morpheus. I had fun at South today. The teacher introduced me to the class, then we did Scholastic News. Next, we started math. They taught me how to do division quickly without using paper or a calculator! In wordly wise, we did a fill-in worksheet with spelling words. We started a new and funny book about the Watsons in the 1960s. In science, we identified mystery objects in a microscope. That was my first fun full day at South!

Morpheus Fortuna

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Arrival at South Elementary!

Hi! Morpheus here again! After a long trip from Cedar Cliff High School, I have safely arrived at South Elementary. Whew! It feels good to be out in the open again!

Mrs. Moylan introduced me to her class of fifth graders on Friday. What a great bunch of kids they are! They were very excited to meet me, and it was equally exciting for me too. They talked about all of the things they could teach me and the projects they could create to share our learning. I can't wait to see what we'll do together!

Well, I'm off for now to enjoy the beautiful Sunday weather here in Collegeville, Pennsylvania! Talk to you again very soon.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Goodbye Cedar Cliff!

Wow, I had a busy week here at Cedar Cliff! I got to explore the city, the school, and even see my owner during my stay here. I had so much fun! I wish I could stay longer, but I’m leaving soon to visit my next stop, South Elementry! I can’t wait! Goodbye Cedar Cliff!

My day around Cedar Cliff

Hey, it’s Morpheus checking in again! Boy did I have a busy day at Cedar Cliff. I got to work in the school store, and I even got to try on a foam finger and a hat to show my school spirit. Then I got to go down to the office where I met the nice nurse and the school principal Mr. Savidge. He let me sit in his office, so I knew what it would feel like to get in big trouble. Next, I got to meet the guidance counselor Mrs. Gray. She told me that I need to come out of my shell. The rest of the day I did other cool stuff like visit the cafeteria ladies, visit the library, shake hands with the Sergeant, and even get my picture taken with all the school trophies. Probably the most exciting part of my day, however, was meeting the other turtles in the school. I got to meet and learn about the endangered bog turtles, and I even got to see my cousin the snapping turtle. I had so much fun!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Field Trip to Harrisburg, PA

Morpheus here! I just got back from my trip to Harrisburg, and it was great! We visited the Capital building, and there was a cool fountain on the outside I got to see. Then I went to Strawberry Square. That was a lot of fun. After that, I went to the Whitaker center. There was a lot of cool science stuff and an iMax theater with a HUGE screen. Finally, we walked along the Susquehanna River and my fantastic day was over. Well, it’s time for me to get going again, I can’t wait to tell you about my day at Cedar Cliff!

Monday, October 15, 2007

First Field Trip - Central PA

Hey, it’s Morpheus again! I just got back from my field trip on Saturday with Mr. Snyder. I had an awesome time! I was very surprised and excited when I got to see my owner Mr. Lutz again. I also met Mrs. Wissing. We went to Adamstown, which is about an hour away from my stay in Harrisburg. They took me to dinner at this cool restaurant called Black Angus, and I got to listen to them talk about all their teacher stuff. It was cool! I better get going so I can get some sleep for my trip to Harrisburg. Morpheus out!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Arrival in Central Pennsylvania

I finally arrived in central Pennsylvania today at Cedar Cliff High School! I’m right outside the State Capital, Harrisburg. I hear I might even get to go explore the city soon! Well, I have to go now, but I’ll be sure to keep you up to date on my trip!

My Week In Damascus

Wow! I was busy! I helped the third graders plant tulip bulbs, estimate and count pumpkin seeds, write stories about the PTA Reflection theme, I Can Make A Difference," read stories, learned about adding and subtracting multi-digit numbers, played Webkinz with some friends who earned a rewards, and enjoyed many hugs and snuggles! During my last day I spent time in a first grade class where I enjoyed a nice story and then even got to go on the playground with them! I think the time I spend in shipping will give me time to rest for my next location! Good bye, Damascus! Keep reading my blog to keep track of me!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Arrived in Damascus, PA

I arrived safely in Northeastern PA in a small town called Damascus. Did you know that I am only 2 minutes from New York state and the Delaware River! The third graders think I am cute and that I might look like some guy named Franklin! It looks like I am going to be very busy!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Moving on, singing song

I've had a great time visiting East Forest! During my last days there I helped the students to post their first podcast which was really fun. If you want to subscribe, you can use this feed: If you listen closely to the first episode you will hear me singing along. Now I know all the continents and I can find them on the map too.

Before I left, I stopped in the lobby to say good bye to my friend, the East Forest Bear. The East Forest Bear is a black bear. These bears are very common in Pennsylvania and their population is increasing.

Now I'm on my way to Damascus School. I'm really looking forward to meeting Mrs. Sheldon and her class! I'll keep you updated!

Goodbye East Forest!
Hello Damascus!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Morpheus makes Music

Hello, Everyone!

Right now, I’m having a great time East Forest School in Marienville, PA. Our teacher here is Mrs. Pospisil. I’ve been hangin’ out in the music room, meeting lots of new people, and learning all kinds of new things. This week I learned a song to help me remember the names of all 50 states. I also learned about rondo form and ostinatos. I got to work in the computer lab where I learned some interesting facts about music history and I’m also helping make radio shows about jazz! Today I got to take a close look at a tuba and help the first graders record a song. I’ll be posting some of these projects on my wiki soon.

In the evenings, I’ve been taking walks in the forest with TooToo, our teacher’s dog. She’s a golden retriever. In Marienville, there are lots of trees and lots of farms. It’s near the Allegheny National Forest and Cook Forest State Park. The leaves are starting to change colors and it’s just beautiful here right now!

Tonight we’re having a thunder storm. I was a little bit scared at first but now I’m getting used to it. It’s really kind of fun to watch the lightning flash through the sky and listen to the thunder. You have to be careful though – safety first!

More about my adventures coming soon!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Morpheus goes to the Philadelphia Zoo

Hey Morpheus here! Before I leave on my journey I got a chance to visit the Philadelphia Zoo and it was awesome! I got to visit with my cousins the Tortoise and see lots of cool animals.

I loved the elephants, they are so big and their trunks are very useful, wish I had one!
I also saw bats, snakes, monkeys, birds, bears, otters, and so much more, check out the pictures I took below. The zoo was a great place to visit I wonder what other exciting places I am going to visit on my journey! I am so excited I can not wait! I am leaving real soon to my next school! Keep checking the site and see what exciting things I do and see!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Vacation in Rehoboth

Hello everyone, Morpheus here, I hope your summer is going well! I just got back from vacation in Rehoboth, Delaware. I visited the beach for the first time ever and I got to play with my teachers daughter.
We had a nice ride down on Saturday, when we got there I went to the pool, went for walks around the bay and got to ride on a golf cart! I played with puzzles, and toys! Later in the week I got to go to downtown Rehoboth where I saw the beach for the first time! The next day we went to Cape Henlopen Delaware State Park. There I got to see large waves, walk on the rocks (picture above) and do some sun bathing (picture to the right). I did learn you have to wear sun tan lotion when you are out in the sun, I got a little red. I was so comfortable I actually left my shell for a while. I really liked the beach, I might get to go back for labor day! Overall it was great experience. I am really looking forward to school starting on the 10th of September.

Until I have my next adventure, this is Morpheus signing off!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Morpheus Fortuna: Welcome to the World

Hi! I am Morpheus Fortuna, named for dreams and fortune. I am originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I was born on Friday August 2nd, 2007 and this is my blog. My hope is that many people will post about my life and what I am doing. For instance, right now I am pretty bored as I wait for the school year to begin. I am staying with my very first teacher, Mr. Lutz. I hope to meet many more teachers before my adventure is over! I would love to visit as many schools as possible in my travels. In order to visit your school, please visit my wiki to sign up. Make sure that you read my rules and regulations page before you sign up. To start my adventures, I will visit with PA Keystone summit members, but fear not, in no time at all, I will be traveling around the world, so make sure to reserve me soon! In the meantime, make sure you check back here frequently. You can also keep track of my travels on my through my wiki and flickr site!

I look forward to my upcoming adventures and maybe someday, I will get to meet you!


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