Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Adventures from Berks County

Morpheus had a very busy Wednesday at Jacksonwald! Morpheus rose early for his first journey. Christina writes, “I went to the Pagoda with Morpheus this morning. I went to the Pagoda this morning because it got too late and dark. It was freezing outside. I don’t think that Morpheus likes the cold. I also feel bad for him because he was wearing a polo shirt and shorts, so he must have been freezing. My mom and my twin sister Melissa went with Morpheus and I. My mom took the picture while Melissa, Morpheus and I stood and got our picture taken. Then my mom drove Melissa, Morpheus and I to school. It was fun and I will also miss him. It was an exciting time.”

Later, Morpheus accompanied his classmates to Mrs. Bainbridge’s art class. Sara explains, “In art, Morpheus learned how to make an Egyptian portrait. Another thing he learned is how to outline and how to paint inward to just stay with the same color and not blend the colors together to make a different colors. That’s what Morpheus learned in art!”

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