Friday, November 30, 2007

Morpheus Goes For A Big Snack

Hi I’m Morpheus! I went to Tom Sturgis’s pretzels. I went with Rachel, Sammi, and Mrs. Protheroe. When we got there we saw a huge pretzel. I sat on it with Rachel and Sammi. Then we went inside. On the door we saw a NO PETS ALLOWED sign!!! But we went in. Mrs. Protheroe told the workers about that I go to many schools in Pennsylvania. So then the workers let all of us go in where they make the pretzels. After that we had to go back out. Next we bought some pretzels for the ride home. Soon we left. I had an awesome time at Tom Sturgis Pretzels!!! (Morpheus wrote this post with some help from Samantha)

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