Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Welcome to Penns Valley Intermediate

I was very relieved to arrive at Penns Valley. My travels in the dark backpack were cold due to winter arriving. I can’t believe that it is snowing already. My new class was in the computer lab when they unpacked me. I felt like I was at home in the computer lab. I was honored to see a play performed by some of my new classmates. This new class has been very busy. A couple of kids took me to their trombone lessons. I now know how to do a B flat scale! I also joined them in a Tutor Time club and a farewell party for a resident Galaxy artist. One of the students took me home on Thursday night. We played video games for a long time. Everyday I visited with new classmates. They all wanted to be with me! On Monday, I went home with another student and we watched very exciting live TV and she gave me a medal that says WINNER!

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