Friday, April 17, 2009

My visit to Second Grade

In the afternoon, I visited the Second Grade Class. They taught me about the different phrases of the moon. I also went to religion class. They told me about what the readings were at church. I'm really learning a lot.

After I visited Second Grade, I went to the Middle School Talent Show. Wow, what a show? All the acts were wonderful. I got to sit in the stands with the children. It was really a lot of fun.

Picasso and me!

Today I , Morpheus, learned abut Modern Art. My, my, my, I never knew it could be so interesting!? We were learning about making a style of art called Picassoism. That is putting the profile view and the front view of a person into one face. Picasso drew some very weird funny pictures.
I also learned how to compare different art styles. We looked at pictures by Leonardo da Vinci, Cezanne, Klee, Braque, and Pablo Picasso. Those artists have very different styles and use a variety of shades of colors.

Paul Klee wanted to draw shapes and bright colors. Leonardo da Vinci painted the "Mona Lisa" and "The Last Supper". Leonardo used dark colors in his paintings.
Cubism is a style of art that looks pointy, with blocks, squares, and triangles.

Morpheus loved art class with 5th. Grade

Mrs. Murren is our art teacher. She showed us how to use watercolor paints to paint underwater scenes. Mrs. Keeley is our network administrator. She was given the task of bringing me to the classrooms to learn about Saint Joseph School and take photographs. Today she brought me to Mrs. Murren's room to learn about wax resist watercolor painting.

Some of the students finished their paintings and they had time to paint pictures of me and make things for my backpack.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Computer Class at Saint Joseph School

In computer class, First Grade and Morpheus learned about the planets. We saw our school from Google Earth. We learned there is no air in space. When you say something on the moon we can not hear it. Earth is the only planet that has life on it. One of the planets is sideways. We learned all the names of the planets. There were nine planets and now there are eight. We learned a song about the man on the moon. The farther the planets are from the sun the cooler they are. Some of the children and Morpheus would like to visit the planets.

First Day at Saint Joseph School

Today in First Grade, we learned about the planets and the solar system. We learned that Pluto is not really a planet. Also, Juniper is the largest gas planet. The sun is a star that is made out of hot gases. The moon has lots of craters. Without the sun, everything would be cold and icy. The moon helps us to stay in place. We even went on Google Earth and saw some of the planets. We also saw our School from Google Earth. We had a lot of fun learning about the solar system.

Monday, April 13, 2009

My Visit to Wayne Highlands

I arrived in Honesdale, PA, ready to spend time with Mrs. Sheldon's third grade, but I found out that she is not teaching third grade this year. She is working with teachers this year, showing them different ways to use technology in their classrooms. So, I got to spend time in the technology department. Here is a look at my day.