Friday, November 30, 2007

Morpheus Gets Fit

Ashley wrote, "Today Morpheus went to gym with us. He learned how to bowl. Then Morpheus learned the bones: the skull, clavicle, ribs, sternum, pelvis and femur. What a fun day he had with us! We will miss Morpheus a lot when he leaves. Goodbye, Morpheus!"

Morpheus Goes For A Big Snack

Hi I’m Morpheus! I went to Tom Sturgis’s pretzels. I went with Rachel, Sammi, and Mrs. Protheroe. When we got there we saw a huge pretzel. I sat on it with Rachel and Sammi. Then we went inside. On the door we saw a NO PETS ALLOWED sign!!! But we went in. Mrs. Protheroe told the workers about that I go to many schools in Pennsylvania. So then the workers let all of us go in where they make the pretzels. After that we had to go back out. Next we bought some pretzels for the ride home. Soon we left. I had an awesome time at Tom Sturgis Pretzels!!! (Morpheus wrote this post with some help from Samantha)

Morpheus Is A Movie Star

Mr. Dibler's students gave Morpheus a guided tour of their classroom. Watch the tour below.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Lots to Learn in Exeter

Today Morpheus starred in a guided video tour of our classroom. He even had a chance to visit our playground and listen to an interview with our principal, Mrs. Cook. We will post the video as soon as it is finished.

Morpheus visited Ms. Delbo's music class. Jake shared, “Today we took Morpheus to music class. Our music teacher took pictures. Morpheus was holding rhythm sticks. Morpheus was playing a 4/4 time signature. That’s how Morpheus went to music class.”

In today’s science review, Cathy noted, “Morpheus learned about sounds and how they travel through solids. Megaphones can make your voice louder. He learned a lot about how sound waves can travel through walls and liquids. He learned how sounds can travel through water with a stethoscope that you can listen to underwater. That’s what sounds are all about.”

Exploring the Jacksonwald Neighborhood

Morpheus has been making turtle tracks all around the Jacksonwald neighborhood after school. Spencer and Conner wrote, “Yesterday, we went to the Daniel Boone Homestead to take some pictures. It was really fun there. We got to dress up like Daniel Boone. Morpheus got to see a deer, too. Morpheus had a fun time at Daniel Boone Homestead!”

Justin wrote, “It was my turn to get Morpheus the bog turtle. We were going to a barn that had a hex sign on it. J.R. and I were in the car driving with Morpheus. When we got there we stood next to the barn with the hex sign and cows. When we left the cows looked kind of sad. I had a great time with Morpheus.”

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Adventures from Berks County

Morpheus had a very busy Wednesday at Jacksonwald! Morpheus rose early for his first journey. Christina writes, “I went to the Pagoda with Morpheus this morning. I went to the Pagoda this morning because it got too late and dark. It was freezing outside. I don’t think that Morpheus likes the cold. I also feel bad for him because he was wearing a polo shirt and shorts, so he must have been freezing. My mom and my twin sister Melissa went with Morpheus and I. My mom took the picture while Melissa, Morpheus and I stood and got our picture taken. Then my mom drove Melissa, Morpheus and I to school. It was fun and I will also miss him. It was an exciting time.”

Later, Morpheus accompanied his classmates to Mrs. Bainbridge’s art class. Sara explains, “In art, Morpheus learned how to make an Egyptian portrait. Another thing he learned is how to outline and how to paint inward to just stay with the same color and not blend the colors together to make a different colors. That’s what Morpheus learned in art!”

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Morpheus Arrives at Jacksonwald Elementary

Today Jacksonwald Elementary welcomed Morpheus Fortuna to Mr. Dibler’s third grade classroom. He arrived during our language arts time. We were surprised that he could fit into such a small box! It was so interesting to look at the souvenirs Morpheus has collected from schools he has visited. We will be thinking about what we can give him when he leaves us in a few days.

Morpheus had a busy day learning new things in our room. Ashley wrote, “Today Morpheus learned telling time with am and pm. In science he learned that sounds travel through solids: string and wood.” What an exciting first day with Morpheus! We’re looking forward to spending more time with him tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Farewell Thoughts

I can’t believe that it is my last day at Penns Valley Intermediate School. It’s been a week, but it feels like I’ve only been here two days. My class has taken me everywhere. I’ve met lots of new students and learned many new things. I feel famous because this class has taken lots of pictures of me. I’ve helped them learn how to blog and how to compress a file to post on the wiki. The sixth graders would like me to come back, but my schedule is booked solid. I’ve told them to follow my travels on the wiki and blog.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Welcome to Penns Valley Intermediate

I was very relieved to arrive at Penns Valley. My travels in the dark backpack were cold due to winter arriving. I can’t believe that it is snowing already. My new class was in the computer lab when they unpacked me. I felt like I was at home in the computer lab. I was honored to see a play performed by some of my new classmates. This new class has been very busy. A couple of kids took me to their trombone lessons. I now know how to do a B flat scale! I also joined them in a Tutor Time club and a farewell party for a resident Galaxy artist. One of the students took me home on Thursday night. We played video games for a long time. Everyday I visited with new classmates. They all wanted to be with me! On Monday, I went home with another student and we watched very exciting live TV and she gave me a medal that says WINNER!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Last Day in Warren

By the time you are reading this I will be traveling to Penns Valley Intermediate. I had a great time in Warren, PA. The ghost stories from the historical society was my favorite part. Mrs. Farrell's class spent a lot of time with me doing great things. I even got to visit Mrs. McBriar's room and her class read to me. Mrs. Olson's class did too. There are about 700 in this school and I didn't even get a chance to meet them all. I will miss being here and I did enjoy the snow for the last couple of days. Yes! Snow! It's a good thing I am moving is getting a little cold in Warren for me! In my box and on the way Penns Valley! Goodbye Warren!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Warren Update

I have been in school three days this week and it continues to be a busy place. I have visited several of the other classes, spent time in art, music and Phys. ed. I can't wait to share the pictures with you once my time is finished here. I have participated in a review of some great timelines of the students lives in health and am helping Mrs. Farrell set up a fish tank for a trout in the classroom grant that the 5th grade teachers have received. She is always on the go!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Arrival in Warren

I have safely arrived in Warren, PA at Warren Area Elementary Center on November 1st, the day after Halloween. So far I have been terrified by the people from the Erie Pennsylvania Historical Society who welcomed me by telling ghost stories while I was here. I took a trip to Erie Thursday evening with Mrs. Farrell and saw Penn State Beherend and ate dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Farrell at the Outback Steakhouse. That steak sure looked yummy, even thought it's not my part of the food chain. Friday I enjoyed a respect presentation that the fifth graders attended thanks to the Ophelia project. I also attended saxophone lessons with Mr. Lyle, the band director at both the high school and elementary schools. To end my day Friday I enjoyed an egg drop where the teachers all had made something to protect there egg from a high drop. Mrs. Farrell's broke as did many others but the school raised money for the local humane society through this event. I went home with Mrs. Farrell for the weekend and played with her children and her daughter's class mascot Cutie Bear. It has been a whirl wind of action.