Tuesday, December 11, 2007

~Morpheus Has a Busy Day~

On Monday, Morpheus got to meet our 2 secretaries, Linda and Lisa. He also learned the routines of our classroom. He helped with "lunch bunch" and calendar, and even went on our "morning walk for fitness" with us. Morpheus was a great listener in our classroom. He had his own card for our classroom behavior plan, and he kept his card on GREEN all day!
Morpheus learned about Fact Families in Math. He helped the students create their own Fact Families and then he checked them to make sure they were correct! The students showed Morpheus how Addition facts can be used to subtract. They also told Morpheus their Doubles facts to 20.
In Reading today, Morpheus read the Decodable Readers with the students. He learned that long /o/ 'says his name'. Morpheus learned many new long /o/ words. He also learned contractions! Morpheus learned that I am = I'm, do not = don't and I will = I'll.

Morpheus really liked Mrs. B's new STEELERS laptop! He heard all about the STEELERS when he was in room B-7. Morpheus thinks his favorite players are "Big Ben" and Hines Ward.

Morpheus enjoyed our Special class today, which was gym...and he especially liked recess! It was a little chilly for him, but he had a blast sliding down the slide and hanging out with the girls! Morpheus also enjoyed the 'good-bye squeezes' he got at the end of the day.
Check out his day by scrolling to the right on his slideshow!

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