Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Morpheus' Adventures Continue...

Morpheus is really fitting in at Clarion Elementary! He is meeting so many new people each day. On Tuesday, Morpheus went to Music class to meet Mrs. Silvis. He got to sing a holiday song with the students, and ring the bells with the music!
You can hear the class playing their bells during the slideshow!
Morpheus also visited the Library on Wednesday. He met Mrs. Barch and picked a book to borrow. He enjoyed having the story read to him. Morpheus really liked seeing YODA at the Library...he liked the light saber!
On the way back to the classroom, he peeked into the Gym. Morpheus enjoyed Gym class so much on Monday, that he wanted to go back. If Morpheus goes back, he may have to run his mile for Mrs. Craig!
As we continued back to the classroom, Morpheus discovered the Guidance room. He wanted to sit on the comfy beanbags. We told Morpheus that he "Always has someone to talk to at Clarion Area Elementary".
Morpheus got to hang out with Jim, our Tech guy for awhile too. He learned how to fix problems with the server. Finally, Morpheus listened to the story Snowman At Night at a listening center. He helped the students write about what their snowman would do at night. What an exciting two days Morpheus had!

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