Monday, August 6, 2007

Morpheus Fortuna: Welcome to the World

Hi! I am Morpheus Fortuna, named for dreams and fortune. I am originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I was born on Friday August 2nd, 2007 and this is my blog. My hope is that many people will post about my life and what I am doing. For instance, right now I am pretty bored as I wait for the school year to begin. I am staying with my very first teacher, Mr. Lutz. I hope to meet many more teachers before my adventure is over! I would love to visit as many schools as possible in my travels. In order to visit your school, please visit my wiki to sign up. Make sure that you read my rules and regulations page before you sign up. To start my adventures, I will visit with PA Keystone summit members, but fear not, in no time at all, I will be traveling around the world, so make sure to reserve me soon! In the meantime, make sure you check back here frequently. You can also keep track of my travels on my through my wiki and flickr site!

I look forward to my upcoming adventures and maybe someday, I will get to meet you!


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