Sunday, August 19, 2007

Vacation in Rehoboth

Hello everyone, Morpheus here, I hope your summer is going well! I just got back from vacation in Rehoboth, Delaware. I visited the beach for the first time ever and I got to play with my teachers daughter.
We had a nice ride down on Saturday, when we got there I went to the pool, went for walks around the bay and got to ride on a golf cart! I played with puzzles, and toys! Later in the week I got to go to downtown Rehoboth where I saw the beach for the first time! The next day we went to Cape Henlopen Delaware State Park. There I got to see large waves, walk on the rocks (picture above) and do some sun bathing (picture to the right). I did learn you have to wear sun tan lotion when you are out in the sun, I got a little red. I was so comfortable I actually left my shell for a while. I really liked the beach, I might get to go back for labor day! Overall it was great experience. I am really looking forward to school starting on the 10th of September.

Until I have my next adventure, this is Morpheus signing off!

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