Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My day around Cedar Cliff

Hey, it’s Morpheus checking in again! Boy did I have a busy day at Cedar Cliff. I got to work in the school store, and I even got to try on a foam finger and a hat to show my school spirit. Then I got to go down to the office where I met the nice nurse and the school principal Mr. Savidge. He let me sit in his office, so I knew what it would feel like to get in big trouble. Next, I got to meet the guidance counselor Mrs. Gray. She told me that I need to come out of my shell. The rest of the day I did other cool stuff like visit the cafeteria ladies, visit the library, shake hands with the Sergeant, and even get my picture taken with all the school trophies. Probably the most exciting part of my day, however, was meeting the other turtles in the school. I got to meet and learn about the endangered bog turtles, and I even got to see my cousin the snapping turtle. I had so much fun!

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