Monday, December 8, 2008

My Next School: East Vincent Elementary

I am Morpheus Fortuna. I like going all around the USA to see the schools. It is fun to see them and I like it. This week I’m going to East Vincent.
I want to go to the courtyard, the playground and to lots of different classes to meet new friends!
I arrived in my box. I was so happy and excited to climb out of my box. The kids in Mrs. Nitsche’s class looked at all of my stuff. They said it was cool! They told me that I was going to visit the first and second grade classrooms during my visit.

They wrote about all of the things that I am going to do while I am here. After reading their letters last night, I could tell that am going to be very busy this week. There will not be much time for me to rest. I can hardly wait to visit and meet new friends.

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