Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Well, my time here at Meyersdale has come to a close. Unfortunately, we ran into a slight situation this past week, and things didn't quite work out as expected. Mrs. Floyd's daughter ended up with the flu last Tuesday. She was hospitalized for two nights with complications relating to her asthma, and Mrs. Floyd, of course, stayed with her. Then, she ended up with the flu too, along with her husband and other daughter. It was a long, miserable week for her family, and as a result, she couldn't come to school and spend time with me.

Her classes were covered by several different substitutes. We tried to do some neat things without her, though. We spent some time working on subjects and verbs....I think I finally got that stuff figured out! Then, we worked on a short story project that involved visually representing the elements of fiction found in a story they read in class. The kids also had to write paragraphs about how they compare to one of the characters from a story in the unit. It was a lot of work, but some of them turned out really neat!!! We also worked on spelling and vocabulary a lot with the substitutes. The hard work must have paid off, though, because most of the kids passed the quiz with flying colors!!

On my last day here, I got my picture taken with the whole group. They're a fun bunch...that's for sure. I also took a picture with the middle school principal, Mrs. Stahl; the secretary, Ms. Hetrick; and the curriculum coordinator, Mr. Kretchman. I loved getting a tour of the whole school, and the kids really liked seeing me in the hallway. Everyone was so nice!

Today, I packed my things for my next adventure. I'm heading to Everett! I can't wait to see what great lessons the kids are learning there! Thanks, Meyersdale! I had a great time!

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