Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Morpheus Checks Out Our Website

Hi, I'm Morpheus Fortuna and I've been having a great time here at Mrs. Abernethy's class. One of the coolest things here is the website. Here is a link to the site: Mrs. Abernethy's Cyber Chickens. It has links to everything! It has links to research sites, Gaggle (an email site), Book Adventure (a book test site) and Mrs. A's Cyber School (the place we do Social Studies), pictures of our classroom pets, stock market, study island, Harry Potter, and let's not forget our wikispace: Mrs. Abernethy's Cyber Chickens Wikispace. They are all cool, but I think Book Adventure is the coolest. The number of books is mind boggling! Well, have to go. See ya!

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