Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Welcome to East Elementary

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By: Casey, Kristen, and Marie
Hell0, I'm Morpheus Fortuna and I finally made my way to East Elementary! It's amazing and awesome! When I arrived the kids were doing Study Island. I jumped right in and earned a blue ribbon. The next day was full of fun!! I couldn't believe it when 60 kids arrived a half hour before school to play this really cool game called Challenge 24. After the bell rang, Mrs. Abernethy's Cyber Chickens arrived. The first thing I did was help clean the pet cages, and it rocked! The kids took turns holding me. I got to see almost everybody. Then we posed for pictures, I was a professional model! All the kids are writing paragraphs about what they are doing in class, like Project Lemonade and Wolves projects , (you can check them out soon.) Then, there was math. I found a new seat just for me! We corrected the homework. I learned a lot! I got to see how to make a PowerPoint. They are sweet! Then we had library. I got to see some neat books. Lunch was next, and boy, it was yummy! That's all for now. I'll tell you more tomorrow, because the kids have to go home, and I want to say goodbye.

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