Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I am off!!!

Hey Everyone! Morpheus here! I had a quiet summer in Philadelphia and now I am ready to head off on to my newest adventures. I am still traveling around Pennsylvania this school year. First, I am headed off to Clarion Elementary to visit Mrs. Blazosky's 1st grade class. Check out her awesome class site here!

Let me give you a recap of my time at home, Houston Elementary. I helped students learn about internet safety and we also saw some pretty cool satellite pictures on Google Earth. I also got to use an interactive white board to teach lessons to the students at Houston.

What's new this year on my wiki? I have a new front page on my wiki using Glogster and I hope to have all of you will help me add some educational resources. I also would like all the schools that I visit to create their own page on the Morpheus wiki about their school. I also have added a list of questions to answer so we can all learn about the different areas we live in. In addition, the Morpheus Travel's link has new information about the distances I will travel throughout the year.

I think that's all for now. Check back frequently. Things are always updating around here!

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