Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fifth and Final Day at St. Joseph School

Well, it was my last day at SJS, and it was bittersweet. I enjoyed having such a good time with my pals, but I also felt sad about having to leave. I did lots of activities in various subjects, and I went to gym class with my 5B buddies, too!

The students picked me to be the "Personality of the Week", and they wrote positive comments about me on "apples" and hung them on the tree behind me.

The really exciting thing about today was that I was able to attend the DARE Graduation Program with my friends and six other fifth grade classes from the area. I was even given a DARE T-shirt to wear...just like my buddies!

My favorite part of my time at St. Joseph School was being passed from student to student in 5B. I enjoyed sitting with them, learning with them, and feeling their hugs. I will never forget them and how nice they were to me. I wish them all the best! Thank you, and auf wiedersehen!

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