Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday at Bower Hill

These are some things I did today with the students in Mrs. Wardzinski's class. I helped them write their morning journals. Today we wrote about keeping our environment clean. At the morning meeting, I shared that I went with Mrs. Wardzinski yesterday to clean up Peterswood Park. It was fun! Then, we took our spelling test on words with -ing and -ed endings. After that, we wrote summaries for chapters 1-3 in Volcano Disaster. It was kind of hard for me, but I got the hang of it. Miss Armstrong came in for reading centers and taught me how to make different words with the same letters. I helped the class take the reading test for Volcano Disaster, and then we had snack! I had Whales (they're like goldfish) and they were yummy!

At gym class we played hockey, and the blue team won! I got to play goalie for a while and I even saved a shot. Then, I went to lunch and recess. I played tag and catch, and I got really hot! I got to cool down inside while we built sculptures out of recycled materials. My group built a dragon castle! Then, in math class, I helped answer questions about temperature on the Smart board. After that, we went to the computer lab and I learned about typing! I know where the home row is and how to use it. I couldn't type well since I don't have any fingers, but I tried really hard. I had a great day. One more day left here, and then I go to another school.

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