Friday, April 25, 2008

Day Four at St. Joseph School

I had another fine day today. I learned more about the U.S. Constitution by reading and discussing the play, "Shh! We're Writing the Constitution". The students also received their parts for the play. It's too bad I won't be here for the play... I would like to have the part of James Madison or George Washington.

I took a reading selection test as well as a spelling test on contractions. The tests were pretty easy. I had a science test today, too. Some of it was easy, but some of it really made me have to think hard. I read some more from the book, Hoot, and I learned more about the sacrament of Holy Orders. I did my very best in math class. A class I really enjoyed was keyboarding. The students in 5B were working on comments to eventually publish to my blog here.

Oh... I almost forgot to mention that I played kick ball at recess. The first picture shows me helping one of the fifth grade girls kick the ball. The second picture shows me helping her run to first base. We made it! Safe!

I have just one more school day with 5B. Then I'm off to Florida!

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