Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend with Morpheus

Hi Everyone, Morpheus here.

I am here again at SJS after a very busy and fun weekend. Here is what
I did with one of my new friends from 5B.

On Friday, I went to soccer practice with friends from kindergarten and
1A. They had great fun learning to play soccer, and I even learned how
to kick a soccer ball.

While my friends were playing soccer, I had a
chance to lift some weights and run the obstacle course outside.

Finally, I got to meet Coach Dennis who is from Ireland.

On Saturday, I went to the 1st Communion of some of my SJS friends who
are in second grade.

Then we went back home and had a great cookout
with hot dogs, hamburgers, macaroni salad, baked beans, and so much
more. Yummy!

On Sunday, I went on a nice nature hike with some Girl Scouts from SJS.
We saw lots of birds, squirrels, rabbits, and a babbling brook. Here I am with some girls from the 5B class who also happen to be Girl Scouts.

After the hike, even though I was very tired, I learned how to make a pet journal
and homemade doggie treats. On Sunday night, I got to relax and hang
out with the red-eared slider turtles at my friend's house.

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