Sunday, November 9, 2008

Morpheus in First Grade

I spent the day in first grade today. I showed the students my website and talked a little about my travels so far. The students took turns reading a story to me during story time. I really enjoyed listening to the first graders read, “The Mystery of the Missing Muffins.” They took me outside for gym class and we jumped rope together. On the way back to our room one of the girls lifted me up so I could get a drink at the fountain. I went to lunch with them and got to meet some other students from other classes. In the afternoon we went to an assembly to see who won the prizes for the fundraiser. One of the first grade students was selected to go in the money machine and a few of the students got to spin the wheel and win money. Our class was even in the pig race, but the 4th graders won this year.
It was a GREAT day in first grade!

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