Friday, April 27, 2012

Discovering Covered Bridges

Amelia's family adopted Morpheus for an evening.  Amelia tells about what they learned:

Morpheus visited two covered bridges.  The two bridges he visited were the Pleasantville Bridge and Griesmer's Mill Bridge.  These bridges were located outside of Oley.  Here are some facts that Morpheus learned.  Covered bridges were covered with a roof to protect the structure of the bridge.  In winter the bridgekeeper would shovel the snow onto the bridge so that the horse-drawn sleigh could go over the bridge after a snowfall.  These types of bridges are not built anymore because they require a lot of fixing.  Pleasantville Bridge was built in 1852.  This bridge was built with no roof because they didn't have enough lumber to build it.  It wasn't until 4 years later until they got enough lumber to put a roof on.  The bridge is 126 feet long.  Greismer's Mill Bridge is thought to be the oldest covered bridge in Berks County.  This bridge is 124 feet long.  Both of these bridges cross over the Manatawny Creek.  Morpheus encountered some local farm animals.  The animals seemed to take a liking to Morpheus as you will see in my pictures.  Those are the things Morpheus learned on his adventure.

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