Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Visiting the Hospital

Morpheus had another adventure last night.  While visiting with Ben's family, Morpheus was able to tour St. Joseph's Hospital.

Ben summarizes his adventure:

Today Morpheus went to St. Joseph's Medical Hospital.  When he got there, he saw some ambulances lined up.  Then we went to the E.R., but that was really busy so we had to leave. Then we went to the main hallway which had a history of St. Joseph's, and we learned that it started in 1872!  Then we went to the x-ray room and saw some very big machines.  Then we had to leave, but before we left we saw a hospital on wheels which can carry 40 people!  Then we went to the Reading Hospital which was designed by the person who made Central Park in New York.  Bye!

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