Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rambling in Reading

Molly's family accompanied Morpheus on a tour of Reading.  Molly sums up his adventure:

Morpheus learned about places to visit in the city of Reading (pronounced RED-ing).  He visited the Reading Eagle newspaper, Goggle Works, Reading Public Museum, and the Historical Society of Berks County.

First, at the Reading Eagle, he learned how a newspaper is made.  First the story is typed on the computer.  Then it is edited.  Soon it goes to a special printing press which contains cyan, yellow, magenta, and black inks which create the rest of the colors they use.  Next, they dry off and are sorted and delivered.  Morpheus also learned the Reading Eagle started in 1796.  It was a German language newspaper called Reading Alder.

Second, Morpheus went to the Goggle Works.  He learned that it started in 2005.  It also used to be a goggle factory.  Now it's a place for all kinds of arts including dancing, singing, musical instruments, pottery, painting, sketches, and sculpture.  It also has a totem pole that was made in the wood shop.  There are lots of different things on it, including a turtle, more faces, ravens, and other pictures.

Third, we went to the Reading Public Museum.  We didn't go inside.  We just stayed in the arboretum and looked in the Wyomissing Creek for turtles like Morpheus. He learned that an arboretum is a place where the trees have their names on them.  He also learned that Wyomissing is an Indian name that means "place of long fish," so we didn't see any turtles.

Last, we went to the Historical Society of Berks County.  He learned that the Historical Society is a museum that contains transportation and other items used a long time ago.  Morpheus sat in a street car.  It was pulled by a horse.  There is a great place called the Hands-On Room.  It contains a kitchen, a long house, a post office, a store, a sled, cleaning supplies, toys, and a bed.  The Historical Society was established in 1869.  That's what Morpheus learned about places to visit in the city of Reading.

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